Chuck Arlund is a photographer. Chuck Arlund is a rock guitar player. Chuck Arlund loves his family. Chuck Arlund loves Enchiladas and Margaritas. Chuck Arlund is intrigued by fashion. Chuck Arlund wants to show images in galleries. Chuck Arlund loves MAC - both make-up and computers. Chuck Arlund is a D&D nerd. My goal is to photograph for Vogue and Rolling Stone. My passion is music. Photography is my art of choice. Street photography like Saul Leiter, Ray Metzker, Paul Strand and so on is the Art photography I prefer. I have looked at fashion magazines most of my life for the photos not the style of dress. I live by the thought that I can die tomorrow and everyday is a blessing. I wake up and say thank you. I put a smile on and embrace the day. That feeling might last 10 minutes or 10 days but by being positive even surrounded by negativity life is pretty damn good. I love to share all that I know and I love to teach as much as I can. There are no secrets. I love to learn more than anything else.