I am a freelance photographer providing studio, wedding and location photographs for agency, editorial, corporate clients and more. I have been taking photographs professionally for eleven years. During this time I have been on a journey to discover the artist within. I have always had a passion for creating original photographs that come from my own visions and ideas. I want to push my own limits as a photographer and push my clients' limits, giving them an experience they will never forget whilst making them feel good about themselves. I have been fortunate to travel the world taking photographs and teaching other photographers. I want to help people understand that it is O.K to be an individual in this world.

Photography gives me a reason, a purpose and a great excuse to do the things I want to do in life, it has led me to amazing places and introduced me to some amazing people.

The limitless nature of photography drives me, like a drug, it is an addiction I can’t quit, it’s endless possibilities mean I can never get bored, never reach the top, it’s always evolving and opening my mind.