SPTV.me Paid Membership

Do I have to subscribe to a paid membership to watch a webinar?

No. To watch the current webinar, we have you login so that we can determine that you are a live person, and it also helps us keep trolls out of the chat area. There is no fee associated with watching a webinar, and you can login here. Watching a webinar does NOT subscribe you to SPTV School.

Will I be notified each time my membership is set to renew?

While our system is set to send out renewal notices, there have been instances where members have not received notification. All subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each term, and it is the responsibility of the member to cancel their subscription before it automatically renews. Once a subscription fee is charged at 12:00 a.m. EST on the renewal date, it cannot be refunded.

I meant to cancel my subscription, but I forgot. Can I get a refund?

Once a subscription fee is charged at 12:00 a.m. EST on the renewal date, it cannot be refunded. 

I want to cancel, but will be out-of-town near my renewal date. What do I do?

When you login to your SPTV.me account, go up to your profile and you will see Cancel. Click that and your subscription will not renew, but you will continue to have access through your already paid time.

I signed up a few days ago, but I've changed my mind and want to cancel. Can I get a refund?

Because access to SPTV School gives you full access to unlimited template downloads, we do not process refunds on any memberships once the order has been submitted to our site for processing. 

I can't find the cancel button, can someone help me?

If you have clicked Cancel previously, the button will disappear. If you are concerned and would like to follow-up, feel free to email Admin@SPTV.me and we will help you out, or call us at 303-730-8638 Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-5:00 MST.



Where is my download?

The link to your product downloads is located on your order confirmation email directly below the last product image. To conserve space on our server all download links expire after 14 days. 

How do I access the templates?
All templates are available for immediate download. Once you have completed your check-out, you will receive an email with a direct link to your downloads. This link is located below the product images on the invoice. 

What software are these templates compatible with?

All SPTV.me templates can be used on both a Mac or PC. All design files are compatible with Photoshop CS and newer versions. SPTV.me templates are not compatible with some versions of Photoshop Elements which do not support Grouped Layers. Most business forms are compatible with Word or Excel.

Why can't I open my template in Lightroom?
Lightroom is a program designed specifically for editing photos. It cannot be used for advanced editing or graphics work, so does not work with templates. 

Why can't I open my template in Elements?
Older versions of Photoshop Elements do not support Grouped Layers, which is how our templates are designed. There are plugins for Elements that will allow you to work with grouped layers, but SPTV.me and Sandy Puc' cannot recommend or vouch for any of them, we are just making this information available as a reference: SimplePhotoshop (charge), ElementsVillage (free forum).

Why can't I see my pdf on my iPad?
You may need to load Abobe Reader to your iPad, or update to the latest version.

Why do my PSD files say they are invalid?
When your file downloaded a period may have been added to the file name. Simply remove the "." (typically found at the front of the file name) and your file will work.

Why can't I unzip my files? Why do I get an Error 22 when I try to unzip my files?
Some archival programs have problems because our files are quite large. We recommend using Zipeg.com or 7-Zip, both free applications that unzip across platforms.

Why do my documents say "Error"?
Either your download was interrupted or you may have clicked on the file before the download was completed. Throw out the bad file and redownload it. Make sure you do not click on them until the download/unzip is 100% complete. Remember - just because you can see the icon does not mean the file is fully downloaded.

Why is my pdf just a white page?
Make sure you have upgraded your Adobe Acrobat to the most current version. Right click on the pdf and select "Open with Adobe Acrobat".

How do I download your fonts into Photoshop?
When you use your text tool and click on where the text is, a pop up message will appear with the font name. If you have that font installed on your computer it will appear in the top toolbar. If not, psd will ask if it can replace it and will show the font name in the pop-up box. We get our fonts from a variety of free and paid sources. Lost Type Co-op (losttype.com), MyFonts (myfonts.com), House Industries (houseind.com), Dafont (dafont.com), Font Squirrel (fontsquirrel.com) and Google Web Fonts (google.com/fonts).

I have changed my mind and would like to return or cancel my template order. Can I get a refund?
Because these products are downloads, refunds are not available once the order has been submitted to our site for processing.

How do I get my video to play?
Most of our videos are in an MP4 format, which is a standard video file. For Mac users click "Open With" and select Quicktime. For PC users Windows Media Player or whatever you use to play music or video files on your computer should automatically play the show. If your PC does not recognize the file, look and see if there is a dot before the file name. Remove the "." and you should be fine. If want to watch the video on your iPad, simply drop the files into the Movies section of your iTunes and sync it that way. Why does my video only gives me the option to open in DIVX for Mac and won't let me watch in Quicktime?

Mozilla Firefox will sometimes do this with video downloads. Try using Safari or Chrome.

Where do I get my files or products printed?
All SPTV.me templates are created in layered PSD files so they can be adjusted or resized to print virtually anywhere. However all templates, especially die cuts and specialty items, are formatted for Bay Photo's production templates (bayphoto.com).

I received a notice that my order is complete but I didn't receive the download.
Be sure to check your spam folder for any emails coming from EmailSupport@Photbiz.com. The order confirmation email you receive immediately after your order is placed will have a download link under the product images for any product that is a downloadable file. 

When will my product ship?
Shipping times vary by category. Books and DVDs are shipped ground each Tuesday from Highlands Ranch, Colorado (excluding holidays). Orders for props are shipped directly from the manufacturer within 48 hours. 

How do I sign up for my Mentoring Session with Sandy?
Go to her scheduling software, Accuity, and select your time.